Sunday, 9 December 2012

♫ Forces Love ♫

 ♫ Assalamulaikum .. 
Good Night ..
Selamat Malam ..
Magandang Gabi ..


Long time not to update my blog ..
For this time i wanna to talk about forced love .. yeah .. i know that most people said that the love will coming by itself .. or the right time or place .. between two heart find their love each other .. hurm .. i know that we can't force someone to make love to us because if that case happen , the love is will be fake .. not a true love between two heart .. 

Sometimes I'm wondering that why we trying hard to get love ?? it is so special ??? nobody know that .. hahahahaa ..
only Allah swt was know that because His created us .. He is our Creator .. so He know why people have to get love .. well .. as a human being , we have to be more patient to get love .. why ?? setiap kesabaran menunggu cinta yang akan datang pasti Ada maknanya Di setiap jarak itu .. but we have to be remember that if we can't get love as like what we wanna , we can't blame on to fate because it's determined that , it's always be that .. 

For now my relationship still complicated .. you know what , i feel now so empty without love .. without feeling .. so zero .. i don't know what to do now ..
I'm so broken heart ..
why i feel alone like this ?? please don't leave me too .. i don't wanna be alone .. why you do this to me ?? why I'm so sad always ?? i don't asking to get all of this .. so lonely i felt now .. when all of this will be end .. how long i can be stronger .. i wish i can be more patient for be waiting someone i loved .. love you so much .. 
we will back together just like before .. i miss you ..


Lots of Love :
Adi Raja Adiwira ..

♫ The End ♫

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